Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May Meeting was a Blast!

We had a get together for the Church of Craft Athens in May. This time Elizabeth hosted and we had a lovely time getting together to craft some!! Here is some of the goodies we worked on...

jenny's handmade loom for making a beaded belt.

jenny's beaded indian belt.
Jenny brought her beaded belt to work on. Look - she drew her pattern on graph paper and is now making an Indian belt for her "rendezvous." Jenny is so patient to work on such a detailed project. Waaay more patient than me.

my slow going knitting!
I worked on my little Blythe doll sweater, but I had a hard tome being focused. I had to frog some of it cos I forgot to purl when I should have knitted.

harley helped me draw.
harley helped at church of craft, too.
harley's paws.
Good thing I had Harley there to help guide me.

paul came over, too.
Looks like Harley really helped Paul, too!!

elizabeth drawing some comics.
Elizabeth spent her time drawing comics, so after my knitting, I drew some, too. What fine work, Elizabeth! Maybe you can be in Flagpole, too.

church of craft meeting.
Raoul was hard wt work sewing his pouches. I think he is going to have Pouchfest soon!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Meeting May 18

sad raindrop.

So sorry for taking a long long time to have another Church meeting!! This time we will meet at flock member Elizabeth's home on Sunday, May 18 starting at 2pm. For directions and more info, you can contact me at missyk (at) hellokitty.com and I can give you the scoop!

PS - sometimes we bring snacks to Church, so feel free!!