Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Meeting

Church of Craft 11
Originally uploaded by sugar-cookieWe had our Church of Craft get together this past Sunday. it was a good meeting and we look forward to the next one in June! Here are some of the projects that our flock was working on... Above is Beky's owl embroidery. This is from a vintage Avon embroidery kit. Go Beky!

Church of Craft 10
Elizabeth was making felted toys from needle felted wool. Here she is with one of her creations. the colors are lovely!

Church of Craft 8
Elizabeth's daughter, Clair, worked on some drawings with some really nice scented markers. We all sniffed her marker collection to guess the scents. We had a difficult time with some of the colors!

Church of Craft 14
Clair worked on some buttons, too. She made the little drawings and I cut out the circles for her. I showed everyone how to use the button press. What neat buttons, Clair!

Church of Craft 3
Gary claims he is not an artist, but he helped make lots of buttons!
Church of Craft 1
Here he is holding one of my newest button designs! It is a honey bear.

Church of Craft 4
Beky joined in button making and got creative making some buttons with embroidered images on them. Here she is with her felt and thread creations! One button is a kitty, the other is a little heart.

Church of Craft 7
Raoul sewed some pouches. I think he made three during our meeting.

Church of Craft 15
And I worked on some buttons as well as some felt French toast. Who doesn't like felt food?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Meeting May 23

harley's paws.
We are planning a meeting of Church of Craft for May 23 at 12 pm at Rancho Cocoa. Please bring your craft to work on and a snack to share (optional). We're planning on showing Faythe Levine's fab documentary "Handmade Nation," to get everyone revved up! We are showing this at 1 pm. Please look at our Church of Craft Athens Facebook Group for up to the minute information and how to get in touch about location.

Hope to craft with you soon!