Monday, July 24, 2006

Hooray for Indie-pendence!

all the happy apples
Here are some photos from the Indie=pendence Day sale in Decatur. We had a really great time meeting everyone and seeing all the amazing handmade goodies. Here are some of my Happy Apples at the table.

hot dogs!
pouches, books, notepads, tissue pals.
Here are some of the other things we have made!

fang plush
Raoul sewed an army of fangs! Check them out!

Here I am sporting my new sleep mask from the amazing artists at Deli-Made. I also got two beautiful prints from Alena, one of a bunny, and the other of a fawn. The other goodie I came home with was a top from Snowflake 66 that is now my new favorite top!

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